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bursaries for 2016Finally, the waiting is over, now you can apply the bursaries in the Africa. So, what is a bursaries? What kind of program is it? So let us back to the basic and start to learn what bursaries is. From a quick peep about this program, you will find out that it is one of a sponsorships, which is given by the companies to the entire qualifying students. They will get the opportunity to study further and get another great achievements. It is sounds interesting, but maybe some of you are single-handedly throw away this great chance. Some of you might be not interested to go to the Africa. Hopefully, you should not forget that it is a good song that is sing by Toto; the most famous American band in the earlier 1980’s. However, Africa itself is a great place for you to do further study and research, and help people to develop and fulfill another workspace in the Africa. Let just say, work is scarce, and Africa needs some skilled workers to help Africa to getting better and better.

Meaning of Bursary in Much Larger Way

I already mention something about the sponsorships, indeed, it is basically a study program that is aided by some company for a student who have some interests to study further and further. Somehow, not all student can join this bursaries, only for some selected candidates can join this program. The candidates will get the free chance to complete their studies and get some better and higher qualification.

Actually, it is not completely free. Those candidates still need to work their way back to repay the bursary amount after they complete their studies. Luckily, not all bursaries have such requirements; most of the underdog bursary programs just simply aim to add to the student’s funding, and adding some supplies the complete funding’s to some candidates that deserve it. There are thousands of benefits from this programs, mainly aims to funding some skilled students to study and work abroad.

How Does it Work?

bursariesBasically, it have the same aim as the scholarship programs. It is answer your question, need and hunger for further study and education, but they are need to get some financial help to complete their quest. There are some big difference between the bursaries and scholarship programs. Scholarships only covers the candidate’s study fees and completely based solely on merit. Bursaries completely cover the entire needs of the candidates; starting from the book fees, living allowances, some pocket money and the most wanted work guarantee after the completion of their studies. The candidates will get some working arrangement tied to a bursary and after their complete the study, they can decides whether to work in the same company or looking for some different one by paying their bursary fees back.

Getting the Access for a Bursary

First, you will need to decide and discuss which one of your most interested career path that you would like to pursue and pick a bursary in that line of yours. You will also need to check that there are some bursary that requires you to have some specific requirements that needs to be fulfilled. So you will need to prepare for some knowledge and fit it with their needs. After that, you can start to look for the available bursaries for 2016 period.

There are lot of bursary program available, so you can easily find a suitable one with your path and your skill. Do not surrender to look for a perfect one with your requirements, there are thousands of possibility that you can take on the internet, within some online bursaries websites.

When you already start to fill the bursary application, make sure that you fill it completely without leaving any open spaces. This method will ensure you to provides with better and sufficient information about yourself, your future plans and visions, and what kind of way that you will do, so you can benefit your company. Try not to submit late beyond the schedule, or you will be disqualified automatically from the bursary. Be honest and keep it simple when they ask you for your yearly spending budget. It is not a good place to corrupt some extra money, and of course, you will also not qualified to get the bursary. You should also tell to the company, what kind of resources that you have, in order to help and support you in the abroad and increasing the chance for you to get a bursary.

Bursaries Provider

sasol bursariesStarting from the first one, there is a Sasol Bursary that will provides you with some chances to get your study abroad. Sasol has established a good reputation in the bursary market as an employer of choices. The scheme of their bursary are boasts an all-inclusive package, which is recognized in South Africa for the most competitive one. There are some criteria that needs to be fulfilled if you are interested to get a bursary from this Sasol Bursary. Those criteria might sounds rather delicate, however, it is just more than enough for what will you get from the bursary itself.

This bursary include the completely free university tuition fees, registration fees and of course, the exam fees. You will also get an accommodation in a single room at the university hotel. The generously meals, based on three meals per day, and determined by the university. Finally, the successful candidates applicants, will have their work become bound contractually with the Sasol after their graduation finish.

Another well-known and available bursaries is the Transnet Bursary. It is one bursary that is focused in the integrated freight transport company, which is driven by some divisions. The full-time bursaries are awarded annually, and it is according to the employment needs of the company. The entire full-time students are the part as a potential employees, and depending upon the vacancies after they have complete their qualifications.

This Transnet Bursary will provides the chosen candidates to get the completely free, tuition fees. To keep our candidates nourished, the bursary will also provide them with a good accommodation and meals for three times a day. The candidates will also get the experimental training, in order to keep them up to the shape. Finally, they will need to render their one years of services for every year of financial report. On the most promising candidates, they will get the bursary to be renewed annually.

teaching bursariesThere are also some local bursary 2016, such as the Funza Lushaka bursary. To apply this SA bursaries you will need to have a valid South African ID number. The application form will not be used if you are not stay and live in the South Africa. To keep in touch with the applicants, the department of education, will use the email or the short message services. The applicants will need to fill the bursary application forms and have a proper email address and need to write their cellphone numbers just to make sure that they can be contacted easily. Same as before, you will also need to fill the Funza Lushaka bursary application form completely to increase the chance for you to get it.

This Funza Lushaka bursary will only be awarded if the candidates are qualified and have specialization in teaching (teaching bursaries). During qualifying, the candidates will need to take the provincial teaching position, however, the candidates cannot apply for the full-time honor studies. The good side, you can choose by your own, which province that they want to take. The entire candidates should repay if they are failed to qualify within their service period. They must pay full amount of the bursary that you get under this program.

Social Work Bursaries

If you are interested with some social work bursaries programs, then you can look for the NSFAS bursary program. It cover the entire costs for studying on the Social Work via the Department of Social Development. This bursary is working together with the government bursaries to increase the skills of some qualified youth. This NSFAS bursary also administer from the National Skills Fund for some people that have scarce skills.

Developing Youth Skills by NYDA Bursaries

We cannot argue that there are still lot of smart youngsters that does not have enough costs to provides and continue their study and education programs. Hopefully, there is the NYDA bursaries that will gives these youth another chance, and give them another chance to bring and make their country proud. This NYDA will provides and assists these youth and giving them promising guidance and help to complete their secondary or FET college education.

engineering bursariesThe applicants may start from the grades 7 to 11 applying for the grades 8 to 12 from the poor provinces. The bursaries are offered for the full-time courses, but only at the FET colleges: the N1 – N6 and some other Practical Courses. The bursary applicants should not be older than 25 years old, but preferable for the younger students. For the technical courses, accounting bursaries and the engineering bursaries, will need and require minimum of grade 10 on Math and Science. If the applicants already in the college, a minimum of 50 percent in all tests and exams are required and needs to be fulfilled.

This youth bursaries will not available for the students who already have other bursaries, including the NSFAS. The ASF students who gets and receive from other bursaries will have to pay the entire ASF. This bursaries will provides the youth with the course fees and the registration forms fee. It will not provide them with the accommodation, so you must cover and pay for your own.

Head of the Science: CSIR Bursaries

There is also the CSIR bursaries, or also known as the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. This bursaries requires some highly-skilled people, to embark the science journey with the CSIR. To apply this bursary is quite simple enough; all you need is a great commitment within Research and Development, and also have the endless passion of innovation and excellence, the CSIR is suitable for your great performance.

Engineering Bursaries at its Finest Hours

If you have the interests and great skills in engineering, you can look and apply for the Telkom bursaries. It is offers you some opportunities to study at the University of Technology. The qualified candidates will be required to have a contract work for Telkom for a period of time.

Telkom is the best options for the engineering bursaries. it is the one of the most famous bursaries for engineering that focus mainly on the fields of Engineering and Business Process. This bursary will provides many educational opportunities on each year, and making some huge difference in many lives. It will completely and focus to aid the most talented and deserving candidates from the disadvantaged communities to reach their sets of goals.

Other Bursaries for your Needs

nursing bursariesYou should not need to worry, because there are still number of institutes that comes and awards bursaries for the students. Starting from the law bursaries, there is the Anglo American bursaries that comes with selection of choices for the law students. If you have some great skills in calculations and accounting, you can also look for the accounting bursaries. there are numerous government bursaries that can provides and help you with the finance problem for you to apply the better fields of study. Anglo Platinum and the Ernest & Young are the great example for you to take the bursaries within the South Africa. The candidates will also have better work opportunity, not only in Africa, but also they can get some better work abroad.

There is also the nursing bursaries, which is suitable for the South African students that have great compassion and desire to care with the others. If you have some superb skills and interest in the nursery, you can look and apply for this nursing program. Remember, you should keep looking for the perfect bursaries. To keep yourself motivated, you will need to look and found for some motivational letter for bursary on the internet. It will keep your mind having some great orientation and different perspective of view.

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