Grab CSIR Bursaries For Those  Who are Concerned About Science

Now, in 2015, there are lots of companies that offer bursaries or in English we called “Schoolarship”. Although not every student have the similar opportunity to get bursaries but it doesn’t mean it is impossible for them. One of company that is alsp care to disadvantaged student is CSIR. CSIR or The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research is a company which takes care of premier scientific research and development organization in South Africa.

About CSIR

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CSIR is situated in the city of Pretoria and built by an act of parliament in 1945. CSIR is the largest R&D or called South Africa research and development organization.  Beside of that, they also account at least 10% of the entire African R&D budget. Even, they havve more than 3,000  scientific and technical researchers which working togetehr in multi disciplinary work teams. As the largest R&D South Africa research, they also provide for Grab CSIR Bursaries for any disadvantages students.

Available CSIR Bursaries and Field Of Study

Undergraduate studies in the built environment field is extremely vary. It includes Geo Information Systems(GIS), Construction Management, Mathematics, Civil, Mechatronics, Oceanography, Mechanical and also Architecture. The decision is on you, which one would you choose for your future goal. While the postgraduate and undergraduate studies in the ICT field including Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic, Software., Information Technology, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence,  Computational Linguistics and also information Systems.

Requirement for Application

For those who want to apply for this CSIR bursaries should met the following requirements including.

  1. Have been a South African citizen at least 5 years
  2. You must be an University student have reached at least of 70 % in current years.
  3. Have a passion in term of researching
  4. You have reached at least 65% in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  5. You must be have a willing to work in a vary of diverse environment, then
  6. You have planned enrolment for the following year in the related South African university

Ways To Apply CSIR Bursaries

The matriculant who want to apply should come to the closest Universities to download an officially application form from CSIR. They have to choose which of the both bursary options they will to apply for. The option is only 2, postgraduate or undergraduate. Again, be sure that the personal profiles have to be completed, once you logged it. Don’t forget to attach followings to be uploaded.

  1. CV
  2. ID document
  3. Latest academic results

If an uploaded doesn’t progress, sent all requirements and documents via email at [email protected].  Please submit your applications before the deadline of September, 15 2015 in order to be considered for the bursaries receiver.

Good Luck!

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