CSIR Vacancies for Passionate Researchers Out There

CSIR Vacancies are suitable for you who are interested in research, innovation, and development. If you are skilled and passionate about these kind of job, here are some informations about CSIR Vacancies.

About CSIR Vacancies

CSIR Vacancies

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research or CSIR is an organisation which main job is do scientific and technology research, development and implementation in Africa. That is why CSIR Vacancies are looking for those who can commit and responsible for these kinds of job and also passionate in working around scientifc researches. The CSIR is constituted by an Act of Parliament in 1945 as a science council, which undertakes directed and multidisciplinary research, industrial and scientific development, and technological innovation to improve country’s people quality of life. The organisation also commited to support South Africa’s innovation in order to improve the national economy.

Job Available in CSIR Vacancies

  • Operations Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Competence Area Manager
  • Manager: DIRISA
  • Research Scientist
  • Studentship : Masters
  • Studenships : Doctorate
  • Studentship : Masters – National Centre for Nanostructured Materials
  • Chief Researcher: Advance Nanomaterials for Gas Sensing
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Enterprise Development Practitioners
  • Sofwate Developers
  • Research Group Leader: Pavement Design and Construction
  • Junior Software Developer / Software Developer
  • C++ Software Developer
  • Enterprise Development Specialists
  • Laboratory Supervisor: Organic and Inorganic
  • Senior Enterprise Development Specialists
  • Internship: National Centre for Nanostructured Materials
  • Chief Researcher: olymer Nanocomposites
  • Principal Researcher / Engineer: Power-Systems Operations

How to Apply for CSIR Vacancies

  • Visit the CSIR Vacancies website > click Vacancies on the top bar, or simply visit .
  • Find the job suitable for you, then click the job’s name to automatically download the pdf file which contains the job detailed informations and requirements.
  • Read the informations carefully and check if you fulfil all the requirements.
  • Prepare your best CV and all the job’s requirements.
  • Submit your application.

CSIR Vacancies Salary

For female workers, the average salary is around R116,350-R309,401 , while for male workers around R142,031-R654,962.

CSIR Vacancies Deadline Submission

Each job has different closing date, but mostly they will be ended in the end of the month around 28-31 August and some will be ended in the early dates of the month, such as 4 September.


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