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Engineering Learnerships Give Good Salary

Engineering Learnerships

Engineering Learnerships are preferable by anyone. This Learnerships are at NQF levels 2 to 4, who culminating in full section 13 trade tests and are offered in the following trades below. Fabrication (Boilermaking, welding and plating), there also Fitting & Machining, Electrical, Millwrights, Rigging & Ropemen. And for learner ships in particular motor mechanics please see the clear section under Portable Skills Training below this article.
Portable Skills Training on Engineering Learnerships are posted on the website. You can see by open keyword of Engineering Learnerships. But there is common cost for these learnerships that is for Engineering / Learnerships have a lot of type. For example Diesel / Petrol Mechanic who have 108 weeks and R 135 432. Other see is Electrician who have 108 weeks and the cost rate are R 135 432 and many more example.

Other example of Engineering Learnerships is banking learnership. The question is who can apply? And the answer is simple the one who can apply is they must have matrix with minimum 50% or higher in English +, they also must have 50% or higher in accountancy or math’s or 60% or higher in math’s lit +, must have a professional image better track record, must have clean credit or any of big or little criminal records +, must be younger than 35 + so the older than it are not allowed to aces.

Moreover they also must be as +, must be fluent in English (read, write and speak) + and the last requirement is must provide a positive recommendation or official testimonial from a previous school or learning institution or religious institution. All of those criteria need to be fulfilled to aces the company and get salary regarding other bonus and position inside this learnerships.

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