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ISASA Vacancies Offer Many Jobs for You

ISASA Vacancies offer many jobs for you who are interested in having a job around educational world. ISASA Vacancies are offered by many private schools and college which are the member of ISASA. Here are some information about ISASA Vacancies.

About ISASA Vacancies

ISASA is the acronym for Independent School Association of South Africa. ISASA Vacancies are offered by the oldest, largest, and independent schools association. ISASA has served more than 730 private schools from pre-school to post-matric around South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola, and Lesotho. The association which created in 1999 by the Independent Schools Council is a non-profit organization and also supports high quality educations for the students.

Job Available from ISASA Vacancies

ISASA Vacancies are available in many private schools and colleges which are the member of ISASA. And now there are 150 jobs available. Here are some.

You can see more ISASA Vacancies by visiting HERE 

How to Apply for ISASA Vacancies

Some schools that offer ISASA Vacancies, may give you direct link to apply for the job. But, if there’s no link, just visit their website for more information.

ISASA Vacancies Salary

Approximately R95,899 – R247,448

ISASA Vacancies Deadline Submission

Since there are many schools that offer the job, it’s better to check the school website which job is suitable for you, so you can get more detailed information.


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