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Might be some of you did not know what learnerships is. It is one of the structured learning programs, in order to gain some theoretical knowledge and some practical skills in the workplace. A learnerships is the outcome-based, not the time-based programs. It also allows you to have recognition of prior learning. It is also the work-based learning programs that leads you to the NQF registered qualification. Mostly, this programs are directly have a strong relation to the occupation, or the field of work. These programs are managed by the Sector Education and Training Authorities or also known as the SETA’s. They were introduced by the African government to sustain and help skill learners, and prepare them for the workplace needs. These programs are completely based on legally binding agreement, between the employer, a learner and some Training Providers. Between this agreement, it is completely intended to gives out the tasks and the duties of the employer, learner and the Training Providers. It is completely ensure the quality of the training and to protect the interests of each party.

How do the Latest Learnerships Work

Before we start to know about how to apply the learnerships 2016, maybe you should know the true importance of those learnerships. By applying the learnership, you will get some vital access to the education and training process. They will also allow you to work and get prepared for your career, while doing some studying for the education qualification.

SETA will oversee the learnership and will ensure that they offer qualifications that is related to the specific occupation or some sector of the economy. SETA will also manage the registration of those learnerships, in order to meet the required skills development needs across the sectors. Learnerships will require you to complete some theoretical courses, as well as the practical training. Everything is done on the workplace, in order for the applicants to graduate. The workplace component of the qualification will involving some hands-on practical stuff under the guide of a mentor. The theoretical component will be provided by the education and the training provider. There are some differences in the number of credits needed to be collected in order to graduate from the learnership, so you will need to make sure the certain minimum requirements of each learnerships, in order to complete them.

Participating the Learnerships for 2016

This programs are available for the youth people who have completed their school, college or some learning at their training institutes. You will need to be older than 16 and younger than 35 years old to become eligible for the learnerships. The unemployed South African can only participate in the learnership if there are some employer that is prepared for providing the required work experience. After you learn some basics of the learnerships, then it is time for you to apply and participate to the learnership 2016. You will need to identify the perfect learnership that will support your career path and goals.

Different learnerships have the completely different entry requirements. You should make some contact to the provider of the learnerships, and learn the full detail on your desirable requirements. Most of the learnerships will needs you to have the National Senior Certificate or the National Certificate. However, there will be other specific requirements, or the skills requirements needs to be fulfilled.

Benefits from the Learnerships

By applying the learnerships, you will have bigger chance to have a better work employments opportunities. However, you will need to have the fixed-term of employment contract for the duration of your learnerships programs. You will also have better job performance by applying the learnerships; this will allows you to do better relevant stuff to your job. The good stuff comes from the Nationally-Recognized qualification that is relevant to your sector, and you will also get the learner allowance during the duration of your learnership.

How Much Learnership Costs?

It is one program that is funded by the relevant SETA. The costs of learnerships will completely different and varies across the SETA, and the types of qualifications. For the further information, you should contact the relevant SETA. There is also the specified minimum learner allowance that must be paid to the unemployed learners in a learnership. It is not act as the salary, but it covers the expenses, such as travels and meals.

Learnerships Providers

You will not need to worry to get the 2016-2017 learnerships across the South Africa. There are thousands of providers of the learnerships that you can found easily on the internet. Sasol is one of the learnership providers, which is mainly focused on the integrated energy and the chemical processing. Sasol develops and commercialize the technologies, build and operate the world-scale facilities to produce some high-range of value product streams.

Sasol learnerships will require you on the job learning, which is supported by the institutional learning. This Sasol learnership 2016-2017 have plenty of selection of fields that you can choose easily and match it with your needs and goals. By applying this learnerships that is provided by Sasol, you can have greater chance of career opportunities that you can take. For further detail, you can contact the Sasol Learnership Helpline; they will help you to find the answer that you want to know.

There is also the Transnet learnership that is offering the Latest Graduate Program 2016-2017 in the town of Johannesburg, South Africa. It gives the training jobs and career for the hard working candidates that lives in the South Africa. This learnership will provides you with their 24 months of Graduate Training Program; it will greatly boosts your experience levels and skills within the short time. This experience will help you to get some better job available out there. This learnerships in Transnet are available in various fields, including the social science, finance, education and of course, the Supply Chain Management.

If you also look for the latest internships, you can apply it on the Transnet Internships programs. They are offering the latest trainee opportunities in the South Africa. However, this internships program is only for the people with disabilities. This careers and vacancies mostly will remains and available in the South Africa; you also can take and continue your job after completing the Transnet Internship Program. If you are interested, you can apply and become one of this internships candidates!

Another learnerships comes from the Anglo American Learnerships. This company offers you the latest engineering learnerships and also the technical learnerships in Limpopo, South Africa. It is also available in various programs and fields, such as Electrical Engineering, to the Diesel Mechanics. By applying to this available learnerships at the Anglo American learnership, you can greatly boosts your skills and other work experience. If you are one of the candidates that have the interests to join and apply this learnerships, then you will need to look on the details of the Learnership Programs 2016, before you start to forwarding your job application to the desirable work department.

On the engineering and technical fields learnerships jobs, will need you to handle and fulfill the shift role at the Engineering Department. You will get your team assembled, and given the routine task to maintain the equipment and machinery stuff. If you are the one of the successful candidates, you can take part in the recent Learnerships programs, leading to your selected qualification. You must ready for the placement in the underground area, with an eleven day fortnight shift when applicable.

In order to apply to this learnership for 2016 program, you will need to have a good in Mathematics and English. For another advantage, you will also need the N2 with 4 subjects as per the specific discipline requirements given. For the most important part, you will need the completion in engineering assistant, phase 1 and 2 training.

Another chance for the 2016-2017 learnerships also comes from the Telkom Learnerships. It is not a new learnerships, but it is the largest one available that you can take! Telkom provides you with the learnership programmes in the integrated communications solutions. Telkom is a company that is providing people with the business, residential, communications and other range of products and services. On the Learnership 2016, you will be given an opportunity to have the theoretical and practical training, in order to contribute to the rehabilitation of prisoners. You will also get some important skills and have the necessary and important knowledge. They will also teach you to adapt in the various work environments and of course, to shape your attitude to become more qualified and respectable.

Telkom also provides you with the electrical learnerships. However, if you want to apply to this electrical engineering learnerships, you will need to have the N6 Electrical Engineering Qualification with the BSc Electrical Engineering qualification. You will also need to have the possession of an BTech Electrical Engineering qualification.

This learnership programs will be held on the period of one year, and is consists of the theoretical training, practical exposure and experience to do the telecommunications field, and you will also get the stipend of R3 500 monthly, during the learnership period.

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Successful Tips in Learnerships for 2016-2017

In order to achieve the complete learnerships without any problems, you will need to become one of the good analytical thinker. Everything will be based on your analytical ideas, so you will need to make it straight and clear. You will also need to have better and better in your communication skills, in order to have a good relationship and contacting your groups. To combine with your communication skills, you will also need to develop a great interpersonal skills, because you will need to build some rapport with a diverse range of peoples and customers.

Because you are working in team, you will need to become one of a good team player. A good team player will make the team to become solid and can crack every problem in no time. You will need to spend lot of your time together with your team of learnerships, so you can solve every different problem and mess lot of easier. Working in modern communication era, it means that you will also need to have some grasp on the PC-related stuff. Mostly I can say that, everything is connected to the computer. If you do not have any kind of basic knowledge of computer, you cannot operate any kind of modern stuff and equipment.

In order to complete the practical phases, you will need to keep learning and do some research on the internet. Remember, internet is the key of future, because you can look and learn almost everything on the net. Back to the basic, you will also need to fill the application forms, mostly using the computer and internet. So, keeping your head on the knowledge is always great. The theoretical stuff are much more complex than the practical one. You will need to remember every single of stuff and others on your book and literature. It is better to ask something that you curious, rather than keeping it on yourself and creating some problem in the future.

When you have completed both of the practical and theoretical stuff, you will need to submit a final portfolio of evidence, and has completely do the undergone external verification process. When the entire process has been completed, your certificate will be issued and comes to the grasp of your hands.

Remember, the key to get you inside the learnership, is to fill the forms completely and correct. Fill it honestly and write it down on the every single spaces available for you. Remember not to forget that you will need to put your number or other information, so you can be contacted easily when there are some issues that need to be tell. Finally, most of the learnerships are not providing you with additional meals or accommodations. You will need to discuss it together with your parents to solve the way out of this problem.

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