Learnerships in Limpopo at Government Departments

Learnerships in Limpopo

One of the Learnerships in Limpopo is below. Company / Organization Department of Public Works who have status active. This also for Industry Building and Construction in the Sector Building and Construction who located in Province   Limpopo. This Learnerships have starting date   2013-01-01 and about the closing date   is 2013-12-3. But for any applicant you need full fill the requirements below. About min age is no limits, even for max age also any limits. But for South African citizenship   not required and for the drivers licence   not required.

learnerships in limpopoThen how about job requirements on Learnerships in Limpopo. First question who can apply? The one who can apply is any unemployed South African. And for learners will be employed in government departments and municipalities, so you don’t worry because you will get better treatment. And this also only apply if you match all the above requirements 100%..

Then to apply Learnerships in Limpopo, you need to submit the following below. That is Department of Public Work then about the target is complex, namely targeted industries such as Brick laying, Plumbing, Carpentry, Welding, Electrical, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration. Even if need more you can choose to Boiler making, Roofing, and also Tiling.

But as general about Learnerships in Limpopo is equal to Learnerships. Then what is a learnership? A learner ship is a structured learning program that combines both theory and practice for a specified period and leads to a nationally recognized qualification. Moreover it is used to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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