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Letsema Learnerships 2016-2017 by Bankseta

Bankseta Letsema Learnerships

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Letsema learnership 2016-2017 is programme from BANKSETA. There are funded by intervention where we pay for the recruiting of unemployed learners, monthly stipends for the duration (1 Year), training provision and learner support. If you want to registered as an employer, you must responsible for hosting the learner(s) and making provision for workplace coaching and workstations. Training is linked to the registered skills programme.

A learnership does not guarantee permanent employment, the track record of absorption of learners on the Letsema Learnership 2016-2017, into the sector, has been an impressive 75% – 85%. The success of the Letsema learnerships is not only due to the generous contributions of the participating host employers, but its role in the wider economic arena. Here learners are exposed to the key role the banking sector has in shaping the social, economic and political landscape within our country. Banks are committed to transformation within South Africa and the Letsema learnerships become an important contributor to transformation, giving every employee in any bank the opportunity to make a difference.

How to do in Letsema Learnerships 2016-2017 work?

A learnership is informed by a fixed-term agreement between an employer, learner and training provider (usually 12 months). Employers can enter into learnership agreements with existing employees or with learners who are not employees, (although completing a learnership does not guarantee permanent employment). It does, however, provide an opportunity for unemployed learners to show their potential, positive attitude, motivation to excel and value that they bring to the business – characteristics that employers seek when making permanent placements. Letsema learnerships agreement outlines the rights and obligations of the employer, the learner and learning provide.

Our site offers information about Bankseta Letsema learnerships and Kuyasa learnerships in 2015-2016. You also can find information related to learnerships for matriculants and available learnerships for South African. For daily updates about South Africa learnerships and vacancies information, you can visit this site.

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