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Nursing Learnerships & Bursaries 2016-2017

nursing learnerships

We wanted to let you know about nursing learnerships. We have tried to get information about this learnership programme, but we didn’t meet any active nursing learnerships. Then, we only find information about nursing bursaries. No matter, may we can get our lucky later. Nursing bursaries can be an alternative programme of nursing learnerships. To apply for any of the nursing bursaries, you have to be a south African citizen and meet the following minimum requirements: passed Grade 12 and if you are studying at a university, you need to submit your latest results.

Some of bursaries from companies/government offer some following fields: Nursing, Medical (MBChB), Pharmacy, Radiography, Emergency Medical Care, Accountants, Attorneys, Dentists, Doctors (belonging to the HPCSA), Engineers (Electrical & Mechanical with four year degree), Nurses (with four year B.Cur degree), Pharmacists, Auditor, Human Resources Practitioner, and Social Worker. These nursing bursaries (also nursing learnerships) can be offered by South African companies. Some of them are Statssa, Sactwu, PPS, LIBERTY, Mintek, Hatch and many more. These bursaries will cover tuition fees, living allowance, book allowance, accommodation fees, and registration fees.

Here are some success tips in getting nursing bursaries. First of all, always check open dates, closing date and method of application of each bursary in order to make your effort counted to be succeed. Secondly, follow the nursing bursaries qualifications and requirements as stated at the announcement. Complete all bursaries qualifications and requirements. Submit your application including requirement documents and copy if your qualifications.

Update: Nursing Learnerships

This site will update with any information available related to nursing learnerships. We wish our site can answer your frequently questions such as can i get nursing learnership? You also can find information about nursing learnership interview questions, available government nursing learnership, nursing learnership 2016/2017 at any hospitals in South Africa. For example, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

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