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RAF Vacancies for You Who are Concerned about Road Safety

RAF Vacancies may offer the most suitable job for you, for example if you are very concerned about road transportation safety. Here are some informations about RAF Vacancies.

About RAF Vacancies

RAF is the acronym of Road Accident Fund. From the name itself, we already know that this institution takes care of road transportation accidents. They realized that road transportation can be a very important element and contributes to growth in economy, while unfortunately road accidents are one of economy growth’s effect. RAF provides compulsory cover to all people who use South Africa’s roads, including citizens and foreigners. The RAF’s values are excellence, we take pride, solution focused, efficiency, and ubuntu. The governing structure of RAF includes Parliament through SCOPA and Portofolio Comittee, The Executive Authority, and The Board of RAF. Road traffic accidents and injuries have become global problem, and that’s why one of RAF’s objective is to reduce them by become proactively involved in addressing safe road behaviour.

Job Available in RAF Vacancies

Currently, there are 3 available job in RAF Vacancies.

Stay updated to any RAF Vacancies by visiting the RAF website regularly.

How to Apply for RAF Vacancies

RAF Vacancies Salary

For female workers, RAF Vacancies average salary is R324,000 while for male workers is R258,335 – R803,718.

RAF Vacancies Deadline Submission

So, if you are sure that you are qualified to the job, just apply it now before the job expired. The salary is quite promising in my opinion. What are you waiting for? RAF Vacancies are waiting for you!

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