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SITA Vacancies for You who Want to Work in IT Based Company

If you are interested and have a huge passion in Information Technology or IT jobs, SITA Vacancies can be your way to get the job you want. Here are the informations about SITA Vacancies.

About SITA Vacancies

State Information Technology Agency which is an IT company form South Africa’s Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DPTS), is the one who offers SITA Vacancies. SITA was established in 1999 in order to coordinate and consolidate the State’s IT resources. The corporate’s values are innovation, integrity, prudence, service excellence, fairness, and transparency. SITA commited to provide IT as a strategic resource for the government, manage the IT procurement and delivery process also use IT to support the usage of e-Government services which are useful for all citizens. Their services are LAN and Desktop Managed Services, as well as LAN and Desktop Support which includes Lifecycle Management, Service Management, Configuration Management, Backup Services, Hardware Support, Cabling Maintenance, Implementation Services, Switch and Unified Communications Support Services, LAN and Desktop Security Support Services, and Mobile Services.

Job Available in SITA Vacancies

Unfortunately, according to the website, there are no available jobs in SITA Vacancies at the moment. But, don’t lose hope. You can check their website if someday they post any SITA Vacancies.

How to Apply for SITA Vacancies

Even if there are no jobs available, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any chance to work there. Hopefully, there will be new SITA Vacancies posted on the website. And if so, you can do these steps to apply :

SITA Vacancies Salary

For the jobs from SITA Vacancies, the average salary for female workers is R136,327 – R314,443 while for male workers is R367,000.

SITA Vacancies Deadline Submission

Currently there are no available jobs from SITA Vacancies. Check their website regularly to see if they post new SITA Vacancies. No matter what, don’t be disappointed. Let’s just hope they will post SITA Vacancies and you will get your chance to work in this huge IT company.

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