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South African Learnerships From DHL (2016-2017)

DHL is a global freight handler that delivers to every corner of the world. The full DHL workforce totals more than 340,000 employees, and the company’s facilities are spread out over more than 200 countries. DHL ships through every imaginable form of transit, including sea and rail freight, air mail, and road delivery. DHL serves both commercial and consumer clients and strives to deliver the finest possible level of service to all of the people who trust them with their packages. If you’re considering a logistics career, entering the DHL Learnerships program can be an excellent way to get started.


Every year, DHL makes learnerships available in a number of different areas. The fields listed below typically feature learnerships, but the company’s needs from year to year may vary. There may be positions available in other fields beyond those listed here.

Potential Learnership Fields

Asset Control
Product Management
Domestic Logistics
Project Control

Candidates who qualify for DHL’s learnership program will be able to significantly enhance their work skills. Although a DHL learnership does not guarantee long-term employment with the company, candidates who complete one successful will have a range of useful skills that will be of use to them in many different jobs.

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Requirements Of The DHL Learnership Program

DHL will only consider learnership candidates who have met all of the program’s eligibility requirements. The DHL program is open to any citizen of South Africa who holds a valid ID card or ID book. A Grade 12 or Matric certificate is also required. DHL is looking for flexible individuals who are capable of being productive either independently or as part of a larger team. Basic requirements for all DHL learnerships are listed below; specific positions may have further needs.

* Candidates must hold a diploma or degree relevant to the field in which they apply
* Candidates must be computer-literate
* Candidates must be willing to put client needs first
* Candidates must be comfortable working under deadlines
* Candidates must present a professional appearance

DHL’s preferred candidates are typically under 30 with strong leadership skills, the ability to think analytically, and are comfortable multi-tasking. A record free of criminal offences is also required. Any candidate who makes the shortlist for a DHL learnership will need to be willing to make a 12-month commitment if they secure the position.

Applications For DHL Learnerships

Applications for the DHL learnership program can be found on the “Student and Graduate” page of the corporation’s website. The company’s home page and Student Careers Page will also be useful to applicants. DHL places successful learnership applicants in international positions. Remember that your application needs to be completed fully, include any and all documentation required, and make sure your contact information is up-to-date.

DHL considers every valid application submitted for the learnership program. Candidates who make the short list will be contacted by the company. If you do not hear from DHL within the three months following the program’s closing date, then regrettably your application was not accepted.

Closing Date For The Learnership Program

Due to the constantly shifting nature of the company’s needs, DHL’s learnership closing dates vary from field to field and year to year. Check DHL’s website to see which learnerships are currently open. If you’re especially interested with opportunities at DHL, it’s a good idea to bookmark their learnership page and check it regularly.

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