South Africa’s Best Fashion Design Learnerships

Are you passionate about shoes, clothes and every accessory out there? If you are one of those people who finds themselves drawn to the fashion industry, the companies and fields we mention here may be exactly what you are looking for. Fashion design learnerships is about a lot more than sketching and designing various ideas. Within the world of fashion, there is a vast array of careers.

Fashion embraces what art is all about, there’s the ideas, the research, the sketches and designs, the choice of materials, the fashion shows, the manufacturing, sales, marketing, just to mention a few. Since so many elements to the industry are connected to culture and society, the ability to anticipate what is going to be the next amazing thing is vital. south-africa-design-learnerships

With the growth of new materials, new colors and advances in technology, the fashion industry continues to make significant expansion. Whilst the majority of clothing, shoes and accessories are produced on a mass basis, the group of people who each play a contributing role in the final design is large. The year 1858 saw the first piece of clothing recognized as a fashion trend. The first person known to add a label to clothing was Charles Fredrick Worth, doing so in the 1900’s.

From babies to adults, business people to sports people, the fashion industry has something for everyone. Hair clips, hats, scarves, belts and handbags are just a few of the accessories available.

Availability Of Fashion Design Learnerships

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This field is pretty much self-explanatory as the majority of learnerships are within the clothing industry, with a focus on clothing design. However, several specific fashion design careers are worth mentioning below:

Potential Careers Within Fashion Design:

Footwear Designer
Clothing Designer
Costume Designer
Accessories Designer
Retail Planner
Fashion Buyer
Garment Technologist
Floor Supervisor
Pattern Maker
Garment Constructor
Sewing Machine Operator.

Fashion Design Learnerships are offered by the following companies:
Morentho Fashion Institute of SA
Swagg Clothing
Foschini Group.

Requirements For Fashion Design Learnerhsips

Each company which provides fashion design learnerships will require candidates to meet various requirements. Below you will find some of the common stipulations which the companies require.

The Common Fashion Design Stipulations:
– Must be a citizen of South African
– Must have a legal ID document
– Must have a legal Matric certificate / Grade 12 certificate
– Must have an eye for detail and creativity
– Must be computer literate
– Must have a degree or diploma in the applied for field, where necessary
– Must be proficient in English.

You should attach all certified copies of your documentation to your application. Not all companies offer online application, although some do. The website of the company you plan to apply to will provide all of the details.

A passion for fashion is vital when it comes to applying for learnerships in these fields. A lot of these learnerships include a monthly stipend and are for a period of either 12 months or 24 months. For people who have their own style and outlook on life, the fashion industry, including shoes, accessories and clothing, is an ideal choice.  For more information you can visit our top learnerships page.

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