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Transnet Learnerships: Application & Requirements

Transnet Learnerships in Freight Rails

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Transnet is a freight logistics company that specializes in the transport and deliver cargo in South Africa using many kinds of ways such as rails, pipes, and ships for delivery abroad. Transnet frequently offers some vacancy/job opportunities to South African. Usually opportunities would be available in form of traineeships, internships, or learnerships. This year, many young South African are waiting for Transnet Learnerships 2016 information. No exception you! Of course, you arrived to this website because you’re currently looking for Transnet Learnerships 2016. Right?

Transnet Learnerships Requirements

There is a way if there is a will! To be accepted as Transnet employees, you need to meet their requirements on each any opportunities they offered. And in this good time, we will to give you some tips to get accepted as the part of Transnet. First, you should have at least Grade 12 certificate or Matric or Diploma or B Degree. For Transnet Learnerships 2016 the minimum requirement is Grade 12 like Transnet Trainee for Disability, but does not rule out the possibility, sometimes you must have a Matric even higher qualification. For example, Transnet Graduate-in-Training that required B Degree or Diploma.

In South Africa, job or vacancy opportunities are always come daily, but if you can not prepared all requirements/qualifications, yes both of academic requirements and other skills, you’re preparing to fail. The standar qualifications usually need computer literate (at least Microsoft Office Suites), language skills (both written and verbal), and communication skills. In conclusion, if you would to get job/vacancy as your dream, start from now you must prepare yourself with those qualifications. When you ready, just a few moments to achieve your dream job, likewise to be succeed in applying Transnet Learnership 2016. Don’t forget to like this facebook page to receive jobs/vacancies updates for South African citizen!

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