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Is working in an University one of your biggest dream? If yes, UCT Vacancies may offer the job that is suitable for you. Here are some informations about UCT Vacancies.

Pictured congratulating Gerry Grady (second left), the connector who introduced UCT to Wexford, who are creating 17 jobs in the county are Minister of State Paul Keogh TD (centre); Chief Operating Officer ConnectIreland, Joanna Murphy; and Tony Larkin, Deputy CEO Wexford County Council. No fee for repro. Please credit Ger Leacy

About UCT Vacancies

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UCT Vacancies are offered by University of Cape Town which was founded in 1829 and has become an excellent academy since then. The campus is located in a place with the beautiful scenery of Table Mountain’s Devil’s Peak. The university have produced graduates who are not only well-educated but also mindful and resposible of the democratic citizenship. The students and staffs in UCT come from over 100 countries in Africa and the rest of the world. To support the university’s developments, they do researches regulary and also offers scholarships.

Job Available in UCT Vacancies


  • Political Studies : Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor
  • Chemical Engineering : Lecturer/Senior Lecturer


  • Information and Communication Technology Services : IT-Service Desk Consultant (Walk-In Centre), Developer : Systems Division.
  • UCT Libraries : Digital Curation Officer.
  • SHAWCO : International and Accomodation Coordinator.
  • Chemical Engineering : Principal Mechanical Engineer for Fuel Cell, Principal Materials Scientist for Fuel Cell.
  • Finance : Senior Finance Officer.
  • Human Biology : Administrative Assistant.
  • Faculty Finance Office : Senior Finance Officer.
  • Communication and Marketing : Head: Media Liaison.
  • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics : Chief Technical Officer, Administrative Assistant.
  • Environmental and Geographical Science : Chief Scientific Officer.
  • Commerce : Undergraduate Programmes Officer.
  • Faculty of Law : Faculty Manager: Academic Administration.
  • Graduate School of Business : Events Coordinator.

How to Apply for UCT Vacancies

  • Visit UCT Vacancies website .
  • Click “About the University” > “Introducing UCT” > “Vacancies” to see UCT Vacancies that are available.
  • Choose the job you want and click “View this advert” or “View job description” to get more informations.
  • For Executive and Academic job, download the HR204 form and for staff vacancies, download the HR201 form by clicking the blue link.
  • Complete the requirements, form, and CV, then submit your application.

UCT Vacancies Salary

For female workers, the average salary is R116,092-R408,496 while for male workers the average salary is R143,521-R535,107.

UCT Vacancies Deadline Submission

The Executive and Academic UCT Vacancies will be closed in 14 September 2015, while the staff vacancies have various closing dates, mostly will be closed in the end of August and some will be closed on 7 September 2015.

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