How to Apply for UNISA Vacancies

UNISA Vacancies may be the answer if you are looking for a job in educational institution, or in this case in University. Working in such a big institution can be such a pride to many people in this world nowadays. So, if you are interested to work in UNISA, here are some informations about UNISA Vacancies.

About UNISA Vacancies

UNISA Vacancies

Before we look at the UNISA Vacancies available, we should know about UNISA or University of South Africa. UNISA has more than 400.000 students from South Africa, Africa, and many other countries. The head of UNISA is Judge President Bernard Makgabo. UNISA is also known as Afica’s largest open distance learning institution. In this university, there’s Little Theater, Archaeology and Anthropology Museum, and Music Directorate, which are used to promote African arts and culture. UNISA’s main goal is to harness new and emerging potential in ICT to make the university become a digital future.

Job Available in UNISA Vacancies

The UNISA Vacancies offer jobs in Admin & Profesional, eTutor, and Academic. More information can be accessed in their website.  If you get a job in UNISA Vacancies, you will get many benefits, such as medical aid, leave, employee Group Life Scheme, and official retirement fund, which are managed by the UNISA.

How to Apply for UNISA Vacancies

First, of course you have to visit their website   There are two ways to apply for UNISA Vacancies, manually by post or hand delivered, and online. If you want to apply manually, visit here . And if you want to do it online on I-Recruitment, visit here. And also, you can contact them for more information about UNISA Vacancies employment.

  1. Admin & Profesional Recruitment enquiries at  [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. e Tutor enquiries at [email protected]
  3. Academic Recruitment enquiries at  [email protected]

UNISA Vacancies Salary

There’s no futher information about this. You can contact them to get more detailed information about the salary.

UNISA Vacancies Deadline Submission

There’s no futher information about this. You can contact them to get more detailed information for the job you want. Make sure you contact the right enquiries to get the suitable information. Or you simply can access the website and look for the contact available.




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